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From: Matt Buck
Subject: My Fantasy, Part 01-02My Fantasy - Chapter 1.2 - The Honey, the Lesbos and the Hot Tub
By mattbuck
matt_v_jelliclehotmail.comDisclaimer:The following story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to real
events is entirely coincidental. Furthermore, it is a story of graphic
sexual content which you may find shocking, disturbing, disgusting or
otherwise offensive. By continuing, you agree that you are reading this of
your own free will, and that it is legal for you to view such content, and
thus that all responsibility for your actions rests with you.Copyright notice:Copyright mattbuck, 2002. Published under the Creative Commons Attribution
Non- commercial No Derivatives licence version 2.0 England and
Wales. Essentially, feel free to share this, but don't sell it or change
it. welcome all comments, suggestions and (constructive) criticism. preteen blog image
Send them
to matt_v_jelliclehotmail.comMore stories can be found top100 porn preteens on my website - http://mattbuck.irongalaxy.comI am on the preteen twins cartoons prolific authors page - /nifty/frauthors.html#mattbuck
Codes: MMMFFF, Vaginal (MF), Oral (MF, MM, FF), Anal (FM, MM, MF), Anal-Oral
(MM), Toys, bondage, spanking, piss, WAM (honey)
I got off Hayley, and went round the table to release Emma from the
vibrator, the handcuffs, and the rest of her clothes. As I withdrew the
vibrator, by now drenched in juices, I kissed her passionately on the lips,
my tongue testing her resolve to continue. I guess I should tell you now that Emma and I had been together for a
few months by this time. We'd shared our passions and fantasies, but we had
never got this close - her nudity and my near-nudity increased the passion
of our kiss ten-fold. My cock was screaming for me to bury it in her
waiting pussy, but I knew that I had to wait. If you hadn't guessed by now,
I'm bisexual, and Emma shares that passion with me. french preteen gallery
We'd both fuck members
of preteen models jpegs our own sex, given a chance, and this was that chance. All the girls were naked now, their legs dripping their juices on the
floor. Holly was the only one who was shaved, and it did look gorgeous,
even more so knowing that both Dave and sharon preteen model I had tongue-fucked preteen panthose models
it. The best
pair of breasts award had to go to Hayley, whose nipples I preteen fashion show had sucked not
much earlier. What's more, they tasted nonnude preteen babes good as well. But overall, the
sexiest award had to go to Emma. Her shapely legs blended perfectly into
her hips, the juices making little rivulets down her legs. I wanted to fuck
all three of them, but I wanted Emma most. Her nipples enticed me; her cunt
called to me and her arse enveloped me in lust. I looked over at John webcams of preteens and
Dave, who were now both topless, though both had their shorts and underwear
on (to my knowledge, at least). I saw Emma and Holly whispering
together. I'd always thought of Holly as lesbian preteen galleries
cute and quiet, but now I saw she
was an absolute slut. I saw her quickly confer with Hayley, who nodded
consent. Emma announced that although she liked us for what we did, she had
to discipline us. I felt my cock get even stiffer, if that was at all
possible. John on the other nymph preteen gallery
hand pussies of preteens looked startled and afraid. Dave just
licked his lips, picking up a bit anime preteen boys
of cream I'd missed. Between them, the
girls decided to do the disciplining in my parents' room, whilst we were to
strip and wait for them to call us in from my bedroom. As we russian underground preteen stood preteen dirty pantys
in my bedroom, awaiting our fates, we started to strip. I
had my clothes off quickest, as flat preteen tgp I had least to remove. Dave was next, ls preteen nude
and I
stood looking longingly at his cock, wanting it up my arse. little nymphets preteens John just
didn't remove anything. "What will lovely girls preteen
they do dark preteen nudes to us?" he asked "Well, they'll certainly smack you," I said, having experienced, and
enjoyed, Emma this way before, just not naked. "But one thing I don't
doubt. The longer you keep them waiting, the longer they'll make it last,
and they're liable to find ways to use any clothing you have against
you. Strip before nn cp preteen
you make it worse for us all." Eventually John did strip, and I loved it. We never had naked showers
at school: everyone always brought in swimming trunks or didn't shower at
all. teeny preteen
I wish we had had showers, as I wondered how I'd ever lived before I'd
seen him naked. His cock was beautiful, and slightly longer than mine at
7". It preteen swimsuits pics was 1/2 erect, between toplist preteen dark
the terror at being disciplined, the naked
women he had just seen, and the two of us standing before him. John was called in first. I stood looking at Dave, who was looking
back at me straight in the eye. He licked his lips, and went down on fuck preteen xxx
me. He
teased the tip of my cock with his tongue; he took me in, swirling his
tongue around my head, as I moaned in ecstasy. Suddenly "Dave!" Dave kissed
my cock goodbye, and left for his punishment, his cock hard as rock in
front of him. I noticed that John didn't come back. preteen legal gallery Either he was still
being punished, or they were waiting for all of us to be together. "Matt!" The call rang out - I jumped with joy at Emma calling me. I love her
discipline. I love the sound of her hand as it hits my arse, love preteen videos pics the feel
of it, love the heat it creates. I went in. At first I didn't see a thing. A thick blanket had been hung across
the curtains to cut out all light. I felt the air hang thick with moisture,
a wet heat that felt and smelt oh so good. preteen models facial toons preteens free
"Close the door!" preteen russia I did as I was told, my eyes adjusting to the dark. Suddenly I heard
a smack, preteen illegal nude and heard John cry out. But that was not pain, it was
pleasure. John was enjoying it! I felt Emma guide me to the bed and kneel
down with my knees on the floor. She laid my torso flat on thailand preteens the bed, my face
in someone's arse. I felt around a bit quickly with my hands, and felt a
cock underneath. I heard another slap, and Dave cried out. So, preteen pics
I was lying
with my face down on John's arse. This was like a dream. Suddenly, my arms
were held behind me, and handcuffed. The same happened to my ankles. I
felt my arse preteen nude girl being lubricated by something, three nailed fingers swept in,
feeling about. I then felt something foreign enter me - it was the dildo I
had used on Emma. She came beside me, and whispered in my ear: "I liked that vibrator. I intend to return the favour, in the
meantime, you are to lick out John's arse." I could hardly believe my luck, not only was I to have a vibrator up
my arse whilst being smacked, I got to lick out preteen sex gallerys John! I went to it quickly,
licking up and down foto preteen preteen what I could reach of preteen gymnastics videos
his bum crack. He gave out preteen sex vids a
muffled shout, so I guessed that preteen nake tgp
he was either gagged or had something else
to suck on. A hand came down sharply on my arse. That wasn't Emma smacking
me, now preteen nn images that my eyes were better adjusted, I could see her with her right
breast stuffed into John's mouth. Suddenly I felt vibrations tgp preteen list in my arse. I
moaned in pleasure, as the smacks rained down on my from who I now preteen extreme modeling guessed
to be Holly. I tongued around John's arse, lubricating it, before pushing
my tongue into him, and feeling the warmth on my tip. Then the blows
stopped, and I felt something new, the vibrator was withdrawn, and
something rubbed up and down my crack. Something was pushed into my arse,
and I saw Holly go over to Hayley, who greeted her with a kiss. I realised
that it was preteen nude pink Dave in my arse, and he was fucking me whilst I tongue-fucked
John! I saw Emma turn John over, and I showed my appreciation by going down
on his cock. I hadn't expected this, but John was definitely aroused after
his earlier trepidation. underwear preteens pedo I swirled my tongue over his preteenmodels top
cock, tasting the
salty preteen pedo girl
pre-cum, even as Dave banged my arse. Emma continued pleasuring John,
by sitting on preteen list portal his face. Over in the corner, I saw Hayley licking preteen girl haircuts down Holly's body, downwards
all the way, ending with the jewel. Holly groaned as Hayley entered her. I
saw Hayley's tongue flicking in and out, a groan with every flick. As Dave
continued banging me, I started pushing myself back onto him, trying to get
him deeper, as he fucked me harder on my sore arse. Even as I did this, I
bobbed my head up and preteens japan
down John's shaft, my dream girl preteens tongue swirling over his
head. I felt his cock throb. I yearned to caress their balls, but my hands
were still cuffed. Then I felt something hot in my arse, accompanied by a
scream from Dave as he came in innocent girls preteen my arse. As if cued, teens fucking preteens John suddenly came in
my mouth, which in turn caused him to bite Emma, which caused her to cum. I
swallowed one wad of cum, then let 3 more hit my face, and the rest go into
my mouth, but I didn't swallow those. As Dave withdrew from me, I felt Emma undo my handcuffs. I got up and
took down the preteen erotic nudity blanket covering the preteen massage nude window, and drew the curtains, letting
light flood in. Holly and Hayley were 69ing on the floor, whilst asian preteen tgp
Dave lay
spent on top of John. I moved closer to Holly, who was by now on top of
Hayley, both nearing orgasm. I knelt behind Holly, and rubbed my face into
her arse, my tongue licking up and down, spreading John's cum all over
her. Hayley looked up at me; her tongue still engrossed in Holly's
pussy. Desire filled me. I wanted to fuck every person in that room in
every orifice. After all, I still hadn't come today, and my balls were
bursting. I gently kissed Dave, and he rolled off John, whom I pulled up
and into a kiss. I motioned Emma over, and the three of us nonude preteens incest went into my
room, closing the door on the others. preteen nude org We stood naked in front of each other. Emma's nipples were pert, and
John's cock wasn't far behind. I smiled at Emma, and excused myself for a
moment. I naughty preteens posing came back with a warm pot of young hairy preteens honey. I got Emma to lie down on her
front while John and I smeared the honey all over her sexy body. I started
with her legs, working up, making sure the honey went into her ass
crack. The honey was warm, but not warm enough to cause discomfort. As John
and I met up in the middle, I smeared honey on his cock, and pointed to her
arsehole. He smiled, and lay down on his back. Emma lay on top of him, the
honey sticking to them, as John rubbed his sweet cock up and down her
crack. I then perfect preteen smeared Emma's front with honey, paying special attention to
her nipples. I then honeyed my cock, and entered her. We rolled over and over on the bed, Emma smearing the sheets and us
with honey, as she authentic preteen porn felt two cocks entering her to a rhythm. As we fucked,
she licked off the cum I'd forgotten was even on my face. The preteen nude asia honey felt
wonderful where it covered me, my cock slurping in and out, in and out. It
was incredibly exciting, as I could feel John through Emma, as he fucked
her incredibly tight arse. As I came for the first time that day, I thought
how nice it would be if John were to lick all the honey off me, even as I
licked it off him. It took a couple more minutes for John to come, but by then Emma was
ecstatic. As she came as well, making another wet patch, John pulled out of
her, his chest covered with honey. As I pulled out, I looked at myself,
seeing the same thing. Then, the door opened, and Hayley came in, asking if
she could join us. I'd always fantasised fondled preteens about her, and here pedo child preteen she was asking
for it! First, though, I had a more recent fantasy to indulge. "Hayley," I said, "could you clean Emma up?" hot preteen
As I said this, I started licking John off. I started with his face,
which turned into a long kiss. Then he licked off my face and chest, and I
for him in return. We mutually decided to leave our cocks for a while. I
then did his legs and toes, and he in return did preteen rika
mine. We checked each
other's backs, and then I lay down, and he seduce preteen sex lay on dorki preteen top of me, in 69
position. His cock tasted sweeter this time, with the honey on it. I felt
warmth cover my cock, and I realised that it was John. The sensation of
having your cock cleaned preteen rape harcore is like nothing on earth. The warmth hits you,
then the exhilaration of someone else touching your private parts so
intimately. Finally, comes the pleasure of your lover's tongue. Then coming
into a warm mouth - you need to experience it to believe it. When we had finished, I looked up, preteen models oriental and Hayley had finished with
Emma. As I said, Emma is also bisexual, and I know that she wanted to fuck
a woman. Whether she'd ever dreamt of someone as hot as Hayley, I don't
know, but I could see the lust in their eyes. I went preteen naked to a preteen model allisa cupboard, and
pulled out a two-headed dildo. I gave preteen models empire it to Emma, who sat down and inserted
the dildo deep into Hayley's cunt. This smooth preteen pussies dildo was about one and a half feet
long, and I was amazed as over half disappeared into the dripping
orifice. Hayley sat down, and twined her legs around Emma's back, until
their cunts were only about 8 inches from each other. Slowly, she guided
the preteen kid pedo
other end into Emma's pussy. She then pushed as much into Emma's cunt
as she could, comic preteen sex and withdrew it into herself. This turned me on preteen modle topless so much, that
even after just preteen vegina photo
orgasming into John, I was fully erect again. After a few
slow runs, sex extreme preteen Hayley had got the hang of it, and was soon shoving the fake
cock in and out of herself and her lover at great speed, italian preteen nymphet Emma moaning in a
combination of pleasure and pain. All too soon, Emma orgasmed HARD. A great
flow porno russian preteens
of juices shot out of her cunt, and soaked into the bed, even preteen gallery nude as
Hayley continued to drive it in and out of her. Then when Hayley orgasmed,
Emma took over, pushing even harder into Hayley, making her moan as the
fake cock slammed into her tight pussy. Eventually, they tired, and removed the dripping dildo. I took it
upon myself to wash it with my blowjob preteens mouth, and I licked it clean, tasting the
different flavours at each preteen pics n end. We all went into the other room to check on
Dave; he was lying on the bed next top preteen thumbnail to Holly, candid voyeur preteen
who had a fake dildo strapped
on. It was quite obvious what had been going on. I told everyone that if they wanted, I was going to get into the
Jacuzzi, and that they were welcome to join me. As I helped the girls get
in; I made that they sat exactly over a bubble vent. When I turned on,
there were three yelps as the bubbles penetrated their cunts, bringing them
to instant orgasm. Emma smiled at me, and took me in her arms as if to kiss
me, and then pushed me under the surface. I came up only to be island preteens models dunked
again. I decided that I didn't like that. I told her to kneel on the seat
so that her arse was out of the water. I told her that I was going to smack
her, and that for every stroke, she would shout out which number it was. If
she stopped, we would start again. I also told her that she had nude preteen naturists
to look at
Hayley, who was sitting on the side, masturbating. I smacked. "One!" Again. "Two!" Again. "Three!" preteen nude play
After about ten, John got out and shoved his cock into Emma's
mouth. I smacked. No sound. "Oh dear," I said. "We'll have to start again." At this point Hayley
came, and preteen nymphets porn I started again. I carried on until about twenty when Emma
orgasmed under the pleasure/pain balance. Her arse was real nude preteens red, and I let her
sit down, but preteen model talk insisted that she had to sit on one of the bubble jets. Holly
then got up, and went over to the toilet. I went over and whispered to her
for a second. She agreed, and came back to the tub. czech preteen models
She stood in front russian nn preteens of
me, and started to piss. The golden stream got me on the chest. I moved
down, and let it go preteens sosweet into my mouth and splatter on nude lpreteen models my face. The splatter of
the piss in my mouth became my entire world, even as Emma orgasmed again on
the bubble jet. It tasted salty, but totally acceptable. I preteen models pantys
couldn't swallow
it quick enough, and as the stream ended, it flowed out of my mouth, and
into the water. I asked weakly "anyone else?" John stood up as Emma
orgasmed again, and decided that I could do better. He ordered me to drink
his piss, hentai preteen pic
as I finger fucked him up the arse. Luckily Holly came to my
rescue as John started pissing. She took it on her breasts, face, and
shaved pussy, and it slowly trickled into the bubbling water. I got out
with Hayley, Dave and preteen defloration trailer
Emma as the piss spread through every bit of water in
the tub. Dave lay down, and I started fucking him up the arse, as Hayley
started kissing Emma.........
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